Adding a sprinkler system to your home

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‘Adding a sprinkler system to your home’

Home sprinklers are a good investment for home owners. Offering both life saving and financial advantages, having a home sprinkler system installed as a standard procedure is not far fetched thinking.

  • Low insurance – Installing has the ability to lower insurance costs from 5% to 15% by meeting code requirements.
  • Low cost – About $1.35 a sq. ft. About the same as upgraded cabinets or carpeting. Many lawn irrigation systems cost more.
  • Low water requirements –  Connects to domestic water supply, and uses less than commercial and industrial systems.
  • Investment protection – Sprinklers can prevent devastating home damage by extinguishing flames quickly. Limit the damage caused by smoke and fire.  Sprinklers are less damaging than water damage caused by firefighting hose lines.
  • Ease of installation – New home or remodeling projects make for simple installation and little piping, adding value towards life safety.
  • Reliable – Sprinkler systems exceed a 95 percent “fail-safe” status in laboratory testing.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Home fire sprinklers are smaller and less conspicuous than commercial or industrial types. Some color variations are available and some can be installed flush with the ceiling.
  • Fast Response – Modern home sprinklers are designed to respond to fire faster than commercial or industrial sprinkler systems, because they are more sensitive to heat.
  • Safer Fire Service – The risk for firefighters decreases when home sprinklers are in use because sprinklers reduce the intensity of the fire by dousing the flame earlier.


Following is a pamphlet in PDF that explains the merits of home sprinklers and the financial and insurance advantages. Myths of fire sprinklers are clarified.  Learn more about the benefits of home sprinklers and debunk the myths around home sprinklers by clicking this link provided by the U.S. Fire Administration.  Here you will see examples of installed sprinkler systems, the unobtrusiveness of them, the simplicity in installing them. You can also read more about how the costs can be more than saved in insurance reduction and damage control should a fire occurs in your home. Fire Sprinkler Systems in homes simply save lives.


For an eye opening reality check of the dramatic difference between a sprinklered and non sprinklered home during an actual fire, take a few minutes to watch this video.


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