Yaupon Beach Fire Department

“The Desire to Serve, The Courage to Act, The Ability to Perform”

Family, Brotherhood, Professionalism, Respect – “There is no family outside of our own greater than the brotherhood of firefighters.”

Yaupon Beach Fire Department is comprised of a group of people that have led and served our community as volunteer firefighters for decades. YBFD also has a membership including firefighters of younger generations filling our junior firefighter roster, and many in between. All give what they can for the service of firefighting and fire prevention.

The role of a firefighter today covers a diverse range of tasks. This includes rescue services, handling hazardous chemical emergencies and providing medical emergency and first response teams. Firefighters also have day to day tasks such as maintenance of hand tools, checking over the fire engines and personal gear used for fighting fires. Training is always an event, from everything about how to put the wet stuff on the red stuff, to how to become an effective leader, managing a crew of firefighters battling a raging fire or how to provide the all important life saving service as a first responder to a medical emergency. Training for and becoming a firefighter is a multifaceted and sometimes exciting occupation that develops a wide range of skills and personal development.

What are the minimum requirements to be a volunteer fire fighter on YBFD?

How do I begin the process?

If I become a member, what next?