Fire Prevention

Yaupon Beach Fire Department

‘Increasing community awareness about preventing home fires’

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” There are few instances where this rings more true than after experiencing a fire in the home or in a place of business. Yaupon Beach Fire Department collects data from a variety of sources to share here within our community. This is for the purpose of helping property owners protect themselves from the devastating loss that can occur after experiencing a fire personally.

Education about fire prevention is the greatest tool you can arm yourself with for protecting yourself and loved ones against fire. Taking this information and putting it into action can make all the difference in protecting your family, home or business. 

Read through our categories and posts, or type in the search bar for any specific interest you have to help learn more about how you can protect your assets and loved ones from the consequences of a fire through the many preventative measures available today. We are constantly updating our archives as new technology and data develops.